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Continuing the theme of effective use of social networks, today we are going to talk more about the documents.

Of course, it is impossible to do without the publication of relevant data that confirm the veracity of the information.

The question arises, which documents should be exhibited and which should not?

As our “Tsekh” is not only involved in fundraising, we are happy to answer this question.

The initial list looks like this:

  • scan of documents confirming the identity of the patient and parents, if the patient is a minor;
  • a scan or a photo of a medical document confirming the diagnosis;
  • a photo /a scan of financial documents, which indicates the required amount for treatment or rehabilitation;


Protect your documents with a watermark with the address of the official page, so that they are not used by fraudsters!

On some platforms, it is not necessary to post photos of identity documents in the public domain, but be prepared to show them on demand.

Report changes in the names or other details of your benefactors to protect them and yourself from possible manipulation and fraud.

Caring for those who are ready to help you is the best thanks!

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