About Us – until 2022

Tsekh DobroTy Charitable Foundation is a charitable organization that aims to help seriously ill children and adults in the fight against cancer.

We will help raise funds for treatment, form a package of documents and go to Israel or Germany for medical treatment .

The founders of the foundation, Yuriy and Oleksandra Tsykhivsky, proved by their own example that love and support can work wonders.

In 2019, a terrible thing happened to the family. Doctors diagnosed their son Matviyko with a serious illness – acute myeloid leukemia.

Volunteers and indifferent people managed to raise 250,000 dollars. Today, Matviy has fully recovered and returned to the normal life of a two-year-old boy.

Returning to Ukraine, the Tsykhivskys decided to share their experience and help all those in need overcome the cancer.

With this aim, Tsekh DobroTy Сharitable Foundation was founded – a place where it is believed: everyone can change lives.

The purpose of the foundation : assistance and support for families planning treatment in Israel

Activities of the foundation:

– Assistance in organizing trips abroad;

– Information assistance and support from the arrival to the end of treatment in Israel;

– Fundraising methods consulting;

– Assistance in organising of raising finance for treatment;

– Assistance in cooperation with local funds to solve issues such as accommodation, travel vouchers, purchase of drugs that are not included in the list of inpatient services.

The main task of the foundation is to help the citizens of Ukraine to organize the treatment of their children in Israel.

To help raise finance for treatment, to allay fears of such a challenge. To explain that anything is possible and treatment abroad is not as scary as it sounds.

This will help many children get a world-class medicine of a high quality. The foundation works directly with Israeli public clinics. All funds raised are transferred to the accounts of these clinics. This allows you to avoid any intermediaries and additional payments.

How the fundraising is organised:  

  1. Organization of concerts, mass events;
  2. Organization of fairs, marathons;
  3. Charitable contributions;
  4. Organization of fundraising through social networks directly on the pages of parents;
  5. Shooting videos for TV channels.

Information support is regularly provided through media resources and social networks.

Expert advisory support is provided to parents on bank accounts, savings, reporting and other issues related to funds and their security.

We help to go through the stage from the beginning of the disease to its end. So that parents can focus  on treatment as much as possible.

The concept of the fund’s work with patients

The patient applies to the fund after receiving a diagnosis in Ukraine.Then the patient prepares all the necessary documents with English translation. 

Foundation selects a clinic in Israel that specializes best in this type of disease and redirects all the documentation there. 

At the same time, the foundation advises on the preparation of all the necessary documents for travel abroad and schedule appointments for the most prompt admission to specialist doctors.

 At this point, we are helping to do all the necessary procedures with the banks to have access to as much fundraising as possible.

The date of arrival is determined. The fund helps in finding optimal housing. At the airport, patients are met by a representative of the foundation. 

At the appointed time, the patient visits the clinic for examination and all the necessary tests. After establishing the final diagnosis, the clinic determines the treatment plan and an approximate estimate and provides it to the patient.

The patient agrees and pays the deposit depending on the type of disease. The fund’s copywriters help to set up a PR campaign to raise funds. Compile preliminary texts for posts on social networks, and prepare the entire information base for assistance. 

All the necessary documents are being prepared for sending to international funds.

Volunteers are involved to help with food, create leisure for parents and children, celebrate birthdays and other holidays.

Advantages of our fund: 

  1. There is full information support from receiving a diagnosis to the recovery. We help with all household and financial needs.
  2. The International and Ukrainian payment systems are combined into one system, which clearly shows who donated and how much.
  3. The clinic itself is interested in cooperating with us.
  4. Money is transferred to the clinic’s accounts. Everyone who donates sees himself in the list of donors. And this inspires confidence in both patients and donors.
  5. Money in the fund will be raised constantly due to sponsors, patrons, organizations of concerts, fairs, charity balls and other events.
  6. Opportunity to organize treatment in different clinics, both public and private, depending on the disease.

In total:

769 thousand dollars were collected.

4 successful fundraising companies

3 existing fundraising companies

7 charity concerts

5 fairs

85 help boxes

1289 donors

1 auction

1 fest

5 open-air film screenings

25 volunteers

Our partners in Israel

– Sheba Medical Center

– Oncology Center Ikhilov

– Assuta Medical Center

– Schneider Children’s Medical Center

–  Chance4life Charitable Foundation

Our partners in Ukraine

– Zlata Cinema Network

– ArtSvitlo Chain of Markets

–  Z Yangolom Na Plechi Charitable Foundation

– Zablocki Clinic