Cancer is an unusual disease

Thousands of bloggers, stars, politicians and ordinary people, thousands are calling out to enjoy life and appreciate every moment.

In our subconscious we perceive these words and agree with them to one degree or another.

After all, we are all different and also think differently, in the end this is what makes the value of personality.

Despite this, we seldom follow the proclaimed postulates, because each of us has our daily worries, which absorb us requiring  immediate solutions.

As a rule, true understanding comes when trouble affects you directly or indirectly.

First, a person needs time to realize and make a decision.

In #fighting_cancer  situations, this should be done as soon as possible. Every minute is important and it is not an exaggeration, but the realities of the fight against the disease.

At a later stage of the disease, when urgent issues are partially resolved and when it’s only left to wait for the result, we begin to analyze our behavior before the moment X and after.

Only then comes a true awareness of the value of life.

Finally, you start to really appreciate every minute, to notice things that were usual before.

There is nothing but a reassessment of values, which inevitably entails a radical change in worldview.

Someone immerses themself in religion, becomes a benefactor and tries to contribute to this cycle of struggle. Someone is an activist to bring important things to the public.

One thing unites all these situations – the lives of such people will never be the same.

Transformations of consciousness are inevitable and they remain with the person forever.

Finally, the conclusion is that cancer is not just a physiological disease.

This is a factor that has enough power to change a person’s life forever, no matter what the final treatment will be!


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