Cooperation with the foundation

If you are : 

✅ ready to provide information support.

✅ a person who works in the IT field (programmers, copywriters).

✅ a designer (social networks and printing).

✅ a volunteer who is ready to help in various fields.

✅ a photo and a videographer.

✅ a psychologist.

✅ a person who provides consulting services.

✅  Media or a blogger.

✅ a person living abroad.

✅ shops and other commercial organizations.

✅ cafes, restaurants, confectioners (charity fairs).

✅ a patron (financial support)

✅ an event manager.

✅ a person who is ready to conduct various trainings.

✅ the owner of the premises who is ready to provide them for events.

✅ musicians and dancers who agree to take part in concerts.

✅  creative people and artists (for holding charity exhibitions).

✅ a caring person who is ready to help humanitarianly.

Did you find  yourself on this list?

Or can you suggest something else? Then we are waiting for you ♥ ️

Remember, one person can change someone’s life.

Have a speciall offer or want to support us?

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