Every good deed brings you one step closer to victory!

💙💛It is of great importance for our defenders to feel our love, gratitude and support not only in words, but also in deeds👏

❤️Tsekh Dobroty  handed over mattresses and sleeping equipment for servicemen of the 2nd jet artillery division of military unit A1546, who perform tasks in hot spots and stand guard over our state💪Of course, this is the least we can do as a thank you for the invaluable work in the fight for our land 🔥We also thank all of you for being able to help our defenders thanks to your charitable contributions – this gratitude from the military personnel is undoubtedly our joint!🫶

👉Many of us do not see the war with our own eyes, unfortunately we have even begun to get used to the “everyday life” of wartime. But we must remember that this relative peace comes at a high price there, at the front 😢

Let’s keep the rear together, support the soldiers as much as we can and move towards victory! 💪

We don’t get tired, together we can do more!👇


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