Gratitude to the Department of Interventional Cardiology and Reperfusion Therapy

Every year we see how more and more of Ukrainians, without  waiting for manna from heaven, understand that everything is only in their hands💪 They are not waiting for someone and despite facing all the difficulties, create a country where one wants to live ✨ They create good conditions at work, build wonderful businesses, delivery, leisure, e-commerce, construction, banking, gas stations and this list can be long listed.
As a foundation that helps in seemingly hopeless situations, we are extremely pleased to write today about the people who are building our national medicine for our citizens. Who, sacrificing their time and health, make sure that the residents have decent medical conditions 🙏
There is a phone call and you hear: “My department and I have been raising money for CHARITY and we want to donate to the wards of your foundation.” It is extremely nice to hear. Yes, thank God we have many benefactors who help those in need. But this is not the first time we face a situation where doctors, putting aside bits and pieces, give money for a good cause. And this is an incredible breakthrough. This is an incredible example!
We were given a very warm welcome by a wonderful close-knit young team, with a good and responsive management, we talked about all the difficulties and issues of work. The department treats patients with acute myocardial infarction on a 24/7 basis.
A low bow to you for your priceless work🙏 Such initiatives each time bring us closer to civilization and world standards. After all, human life is above all. You are incredible. And it is with such zealous people that we know that our country has a great future!

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