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💙💛We continue with all our strength to support our compatriots-defenders from the 67th Separate Territorial Defense Battalion named after Petro Sahaidachny (territorial defense forces of Drohobych region), who protect us on the front line💪

👉At present, an initiative group of volunteers has been created, who, risking their own lives, deliver humanitarian aid and the necessary things to the hot spots for the battalion’s fighters 🙏 How can each of us help? One of the most urgent needs is fuel🔥 That’s why we continue raising funds to cover this need, because without fuel, defenders will not be able to receive help in time and in sufficient quantity‼️

🫶Friends, we hope for your activity! Our unceasing support and comprehensive assistance gives strength to the defenders to stand guard over the state and repel the invaders🔥 We are a part of a complex mechanism🤝, and without each of us it won’t work!

💪Together – to victory!

👉The fundraiser is continued, follow the link to help⬇️

67 Окремий батальйон Територіальної Оборони ЗСУ


💳5168 7427 2965 9569 (PrivatBank)
Recipient: Oleg Volodymyrovych Sles

💳4441 1144 5846 2635 (MonoBank)
Recipient: Baranyak Volodymyr Vasyliovych

💳4790 7299 4466 0232 (OschadBank)
Recipient: Baranyak Volodymyr Vasyliovych

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