Mykola Kapelyushchak is a little hero, a ray of sunshine who, despite the difficult fight against the disease, charges everyone around him with positive energy.

Last summer he was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

The boy and his mother are currently in hospital. As long as there is a break between courses of treatment, his body recovers.

Until recently the little hero could not imagine how dramatically his life would change .

A new country, a foreign language and stacks of medicines – all this has become a reality for Mykolka.

In June, the family got a terrible diagnosis, and in late July, he and his mother flew to Israel and began their fight against cancer.

In a short time we managed to collect an incredible amount for the deposit.

This allowed the little angel to start treatment in one of the best clinics in the world as soon as possible.

It was as if the whole world was united around saving Mykolka.

The miracles for the boy did not end there: one of the most powerful Israeli foundations took the family into its care.

The care of the Rakhashey Lev Foundation is felt everywhere.

Words cannot convey the gratitude that fills the boy’s mother’s heart.

She calls all benefactors “Angels on Earth”.

Thanks to you her little angel had a chance to overcome the disease.

The whole family of the “Tsekh Dobroty” expresses its sincere gratitude to everyone who became a part of the miracle for Mykolka.

You are incredible, and thanks to your support we have succeeded so much and will continue to do so, because # together_we_can_do_everything.

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