Social network as a way to save lives

There is probably no person left in society who does not have a profile on a social network.

Facebook, Instagram – as a separate reality, which has its own rules, algorithms and laws.

In particular, the use of the above-mentioned networks is a great way to save lives.

On Facebook, you can quickly spread information and collect the required amount in a short time.

All you need is desire, minimal smartphone skills and time!

The question is how to effectively manage the profile? Here are some tips:

  • provide your audience with documents that confirm the veracity of the information;
  • Important: protect your documents with a watermark;
  • publish financial statements on the page;
  • monitor the relevance of the posted information, update it as often as possible
  • do not forget to thank and spare some time to communicate with subscribers in comments and personal messages;
  • publish photos and videos of your treatment, leisure, daily life: information should be diverse;
  • don’t be afraid to ask for help, “knock and they will open it for you!”
  • spread the information as much as possible, because saving life depends on it;
  • maintain your social network page according to the rules of the social network. Do not disseminate information, the content of which contradicts the information policy of the social network and so on;
  • Remember, when you start running a page, you take responsibility for those who are ready to help you.

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