“SVOYI DLYA SVOYIH!(PEOPLE FOR PEOPLE) fundraiser- reporting results

❤️As promised, we are reporting on the implementation of the marathon fundraiser “SVOYI DLYA SVOYIH” and the transfer of tourniquets and first-aid kits to the defenders!

‼️187 National Guard servicemen in the combat zone have already received tourniquets and express their great thanks to everyone who joined the collection (photo report – in the carousel)👉 Tourniquet is a vital element of medical equipment that saves lives, because it is designed to stop bleeding of any intensity. Of course, this is the least we can do for our defenders, they are risking the most precious thing they have- their lives💙💛

🇺🇦Also, as part of the project, the American charitable foundation, which helped to close the fundraiser, has already handed over 600 quality first-aid kits to the front!

😇Each such dispatch to the front once again proves that each of us can do something for our victory, we are all like pieces of a single puzzle. Let’s not stop, together we are a force!💪


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