Appreciation to Liudyna Pochynayetsia z Dobra Foundation

Tsekh Dobroty would like to express our sincere gratitude to our Drohobych brotherly foundation. Without exaggeration, our foundations have really become almost fraternal, because together we are moving towards one goal – to help save the children, one of which is our common ward Melania Shpot.

Recently, Liudyna Pochynayetsa z Dobra Charitable Foundation organized charity events and donated a total of UAH 53,300 for the treatment of little Melania: UAH 48,000 at a charity fair and UAH 5,300 at a charity lottery. Of course, the help is much greater, because it is both informational support and no less important moral support for parents.

We wish Liudyna Pochynayetsa z Dobra Charitable Foundation the growth and prosperity in his noble work and we are sure that in the future we will definitely achieve new common victories! Together we can help even more, because the strength is in unity.

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