Good morning, friends! ☺️

❗️❗️Today is a very important day for Vitalik Soltivskyi and his mother Iryna Dudynska-Soltivska – right the little boy is undergoing a surgery so that the little hero can get rid of the tube and finally breathe on his own again!

🙏Thank God, all preoperative tests and procedures were successful.

Vitalik feels well and was 100% ready for the most important operation in his life.

Moreover, he can no longer wait for the tube to stop interfering and causing pain and even reassures his mother, saying that he needs to be patient a little more – a real man! 💪

Everything became possible thanks to you and your help❤️

Vitalik got a chance for a healthy, happy and carefree childhood! We believe that with such a thirst for recovery and your support and prayers, this difficult 5-hour operation will be successful, especially since Vitalik is in good hands! 😇

❗️❗️Let’s not forget little Vitalik, he needs all of you to complete the treatment. After all, there will be a long period of rehabilitation, and this means they will need  money for accommodation, meals, procedures in the clinic. 🙏🙏🙏

Together we will be able to fulfill Vitalik’s dream! After all, a child’s smile is something worth living for.

Vitaliy Soltovsky was diagnosed with stenosis of the ligamentous space, paralysis of the vocal cords.


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