Volunteers and their role

Tsekh Dobroty Foundation proves by its example that the fund is not only about money, first of all – it is the people behind it.

As a rule, this is a group of caring, sincere and persistent people.

They say that good people are everywhere, we add: they are united by Tsekh Dobroty Charitable Foundation.

In a difficult situation, it is crucial not to be left alone with the problem.

Support in such cases is extremely important, therefore Tsekh Dobroty is responsible for volunteers.

The peculiarity of our fund is that in addition to legal and financial assistance, you can also receive support from the diaspora in Israel.

Ukrainians abroad sincerely respond to appeals for help, visit our wards in the hospital, have fun with children and are very supportive of parents.

In fact, it is very important, because when you find yourself in a foreign country alone with #cancer, to hear your native language, to feel that you are not alone is a helping hand.

And this makes it much easier to fight the disease.

Do not be afraid to do good, respond to requests for help! And remember, words of support help is equivalent to a big sum of money!

Human sensitivity works wonders, especially when you find yourself a few thousand miles away in a foreign country, even with a difficult diagnosis.

In this situation, any support will be like a breath of fresh air.

It is priceless  when you have someone to turn to in a difficult moment. If necessary – you can be sure that you will get the necessary products, clothes or other essentials!

After all, you hear your native language and can taste homemade dumplings or borshch.

In Israel, our wards are assisted by volunteers who visit children in clinics.

And parents at this time can rest and be distracted, to gather strength for further struggle against #cancer.

They kindly share photos of time spent  with the wards on social networks and by their own example involve everyone in the good cause.

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