Why can 10 hryvnias save a life?

Sometimes seeing a tidy sum in a fundraiser we think:

“My 10 hryvnias will not change anything at all, so it makes no sense to send them.”

This is the most mistaken decision that can be made in such a situation.

It seems to us that such a small amount is a drop in the ocean, because 10 hryvnias is next to nothing compared to 50 thousand dollars.

In fact, it is one of the most common stereotypes that prevent us from doing good deeds.

We believe that our possibilities are very limited and we are not able to help… But doesn’t the sea consist of millions of drops?!

Won’t a million people, having given one hryvnia each, collect a million?!

The trouble is that this uncertainty can be fatal to someone whose life is in danger.

For him or her, these 10 hryvnias may be the drop that is lacking in the sea of ​​good deeds.

This seemingly tiny amount can not only save lives, it can also inspire others.

Inspire those, who can donate only a few hryvnias, but do not do so because they believe that his contribution is insignificant.

There is still a lot to be said about the fact that 10 hryvnias can still be a lifeline, but it is much better to donate this money and see the result with your own eyes.

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